Xoomibox – New Top Manila Attractions Mission Possible

Xoomibox – New Top Manila Attractions  Mission Possible
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The Xoomibox Laser Maze Games is the new top Manila attractions. The Xoomibox games and entertainment venue concept is based on movies like the 1999 blockbuster film Entrapment, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery, Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise, and Ocean’s 12.

The first laser mazes hit the US market in 2002 but have only recently caught on in Asia and have become highly popular attractions. Xoomibox is the first mission possible Laser Maze in the Philippines; and the company is planning to expand its business by establishing Xoomibox in several larger Philippines cities.

The Xoomibox game, which makes the thrill of a fight against laser beams is an experience for everyone from young children’s age group to older people. Weave your way through a labyrinth of lasers and obstacles to beat the clock and prove that you could star in the next Mission Impossible movie. It is something you have only seen in the film, and there is nothing like it.


Your Chance to Channel Your Spy Skills

Do you think you have what it takes to fight your way through the maze of laser beams and win the game from being impossible to mission-possible? The Xoomibox games Manila attractions come complete with four different game types: Spy, Destroyer, Survival, and Teams. Choose your game and get ready to carefully bend and glide around bright moving lasers as you aim to complete your mission with the highest score and accuracy.


Disable all the alarms inside the Xoomibox and get to the vault and your prize.


Hunt the laser beams instead of avoiding them. Take them down one by one; How fast are you?


Combination of spy/destroyer missions. Deactivate lasers by pushing buttons & hitting the other lasers.


Enjoy playing any of the three games with your friends a maximum of twelve players at the same time.

Games Modes


In this mode, a player has to consistently disable all the laser beams inside the Xoomibox Laser Maze. You can disable the laser beams with special push buttons, which you must activate.


At the Xoomibox Laser Maze, you can also play in groups with max. 12 players. If you purchase a Xoomibox Game Booking with less than 12 players, you can add additional players to your group.

Your Mission If You Should Choose To Accept It

xoomibox manila hit the push buttons to turn of the laser

As you crawl through the laser maze, your objective is to find and hit the push-buttons placed around within the laser maze; these are part of your mission. The time is running so the speed is everything and you need to get there without hitting a laser beam, in doing so you will earn more points which is added towards your score. Scope them out and be ready to capture as many as you can.

Tom Cruise did six “Missions Impossible.” movies. At Xoomibox, you can do it over and over again.

Xoomi – October 2020

“Spy & Don’t Break Beams” The Xoomi Laser Challenge!

compete against you parents at xoomibox manila

Try your skills – It’s time to put your game face on…

The mission is to navigate the laser maze as quickly as possible without breaking a beam. Jump, crawl, climb & sliver your way through the laser maze full of green, highly sensitive lasers radiating from the walls. If you break a laser, it’s okay. An alarm will sound, and you will be penalized with time being added to your score.

Compete and earn your way through; the lowest scores will make it onto the Xoomi Scoreboard and Xoomi Rewards Points!

TV cameras are rolling when you are racing to complete your mission in the Xoomibox Laser Maze, and outside, your friends and family can watch the live-action on large monitors and see how you compete and cheer you up.

Bring your friends and have a two to twelfth-players challenge. You can have up to six players on one team.

Xoomibox two player challenge

Warning! This activity is extremely addictive…

After the games you can purchase your Laser challenge video, the video is emailed to you immediately, so you can share it with friends and family and the Social Media you are using.

“Beam Destroyer” GO BIG, GO BUST!

Run and jump your way to top score in this Xoomibox high energy game mode made – for the young and young at heart! If you love letting loose and a quick pace, you will love the Destroyer game level where you are busting beams instead of avoiding them. The more lasers you break, the more point hit your scoreboard, but you only have a short time, so give it your best shot!

Check it out and challenge your friends to a race or work together in the two-player mode –

the xoomibox mission accomplished

Learn more from our FAQ

At Xoomibox, Health and Safety will always be one of our core competencies.

health and safety at xoomibox manila

Cleanliness is a crucial component of protection and is something we take seriously.

The Safety & Health of our customers and staff are of the foremost importance to us.
Therefore, we have instituted cleaning protocols and procedures to ensure the Top New Manila attractions are also a Safe Place to Have Fun and Action.

With the COVID-19 concerns and our customers’ and staff’s health and safety, we have implemented our operating procedures. We have increased employee communication and training around COVID-19. How we move forward from here is the stage of our commitment to our employees and customers.

Learn more about the steps we are taking and ways we are enhancing procedures.

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