Celebrate Your Next Birthday at the Xoomibox! 

Coming Soon to Manila!

How great would it be to celebrate your birthday on a mission with your friends and family?

Pick your day, pick your package, and reserve your party online.

Let Xoomi arrange yours, your child, your spouse, other family members, or friend’s birthday party.

Bookings Available From 1 October 2020

We will be able to take your birthday bookings online here on our website from 1 September 2020.

Birthday Packages

Mission B-Day 1
Mission B-Day 2
The Ultimate Mission B-Day

Carry out your mission first at the Xoomibox Laser Maze and hereafter celebrate your birthday party lunch or dinner.

Take your birthday to the next level by selecting amazing add-ons.

The add-ons will be online soon.


For questions or to book a Xoomi B-Day party over the phone please call the Xoomibox Event Coordinator, +63-9399132618, or +63-9065949320.

Or use our Xoomi B-Day inquiry form.

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