Xoomibox 4 Levels Mind-Blowing Laser Games

Game Entertainment & Sport Venue at Ayala Mall Manila Bay

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Our Game Entertainment Story

In 2019, we became fascinated by the idea of turning many years of computer and PlayStation gaming into a game entertainment and sports venue and that the business venture should be roll-out in Southeast Asia.

After some months of market research and business development, we created the Xoomibox Laser Maze by utilizing cutting edge laser, sounds, and light technologies.

Manila, the Philippines’ capital, was one of the top cities for our final choice of location. We knew that it was here our venture should take off when we found the right facilities at the Ayala Mall Manila Bay.

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Our Vision & Mission

Company Vision
To be a leading Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sport, and National and International Tournament provider and promoter through the development and delivery of unique indoors advanced laser gaming courses and a Philippines national and international Xoomibox Franchise.

Company Mission
To achieve our Company’s goal and objectives our mission is as follows:

Whether child, young, mid-age, or old- all players must be able to play the Xoomibox games, and as a company, we must provide an all-over safe environment. To be the benchmark for delivering exceptional “game days” experiences.

Develop game entertainment, game products, services, and entertainment which fulfill the ever-changing needs of B2C and B2B customers.

Encouraged our human resources to innovate, to collaborate, and to think outside of the box.

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Our Core Values

Always support and motivate customers, Xoomibox Parties participants, players, and teams in the Xoomi Tournament and our staff members.

Ongoing innovative to continue to develop our game entertainment, games, services, and create value for our customers.

Continue to develop the knowledge and capabilities of our staff members.

Our teamwork is paramount to our success.

Reinvest the main profits we generate into the facilities we operate, the expansion of our Company and the markets we serve.

We are committed to conducting business with respect, integrity, and ethics from start to finish.

our brand xoomibox about us

Our Brand

The definition of the Xoomibox brand ultimately reflects our new laser game business and concept of “Bringing Fun Back In The Box.” which also is our main slogan.

The Xoomibox brand emphasizes the joy, fun, and excitement of gaming and the challenges of the different game modes and levels, solo players, and games played by teams.

The Xoomibox brand represents action, sports, competitions, team spirit, and customer satisfaction.

Meet Xoomi our Mascot
She is a Ninja cat and the Xoomibox Master of exceptional coordination and balance. Capable to jump high and low, crossing the laser beams like a flying bird and the tiger passing through the jungle.

Without taking her eyes from the laser beams, Xoomi suddenly becomes airborne by a graceful jump, and hover momentarily before her paws softly touch down. A true Master of the Laser Maze.

sustainability and social responsibility xoomibox about us

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Long term business success is tightly linked to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. By setting high social, environmental and ethical standards, Xoomibox is paving the way for profitable growth and is determined to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and the community.

The 5P’s
For Xoomibox, being a responsible company means taking responsibility for contributing to and not becoming a barrier to sustainable social, environmental and economic development. As such, we consider the five P’s; PlanetPeoplePeaceProfit and Partners; with those in mind together with our operation and business plans, we are committed to growing sustainably.

We all must contribute to the health of the Earth. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the sea we use in our daily life, the water we drink, and the climate that makes the Planet habitable all come from nature. On top of that comes the enjoyment of enjoying nature.

We endeavor to realize our employees’ full potential by treating them fairly and with respect, offering them work and training, and safeguarding their health, safety, and wellbeing.

It is necessary for controlled and uninterrupted development of countries both economically and politically and to avoid wars. Peace is essential for the protection of human rights all over the world.

We endeavor to run a business where profitability and growth go hand in hand with a strong commitment to combat any form of corruption and bribery. Compliance with competition rules and regulations lies at the heart of our business practices.

The short way to the Mission Complete Button is to think ahead, but only make one move at the time.

Xoomi – May 2020

Openings Hours

Monday – Wednesday

11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Friday – Sunday

10:00 – 10:00 pm

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